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By leveraging on SAP software, we aim to promote superior business efficiency and productivity. cosima Solutions’ SAP retail expertise has to achieve retail expansion, and gain better customer service. We leverage on SAP’s POS application to help lower the operating costs, allow staff to manipulate key actions on one integrated platform. We help retail businesses to leverage on the benefits of SAP’s POS,

  •  Seamless customization of pricing strategies, promotions, inventory, discounts and taxes.
  •  Adopting to new business models – physical, store, mobile or web.
  •  Superior customer experience – transactions done faster and out-of-stock merchandise rapidly located at alternate locations.
  • Best impression of retail stores – The Point of Sale application and its efficient working creates in each customer the best impression of the retail stores.

cosima Solutions’ POS application helps retail stores to increase sales associate productivity, and optimize their daily operations. This, again, is quite simple to do, but might seem scary if it is your first time