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SAP POS Data Management(SAP POS DM) is a packaged solution offered by SAP to Trade Industry customers that can be installed as a standalone application. It acts as a data hub for POS data in an organization or you can install it as part of SAP Enterprise Data Warehouse.SAP POS DM provides a single point of entry for sales data from various distribution channels, including web sales, via standard interfaces.SAP POS DM is able to load intraday sales data and provides services for loading intraday sales data to SAP ERP Retail system. The sales data in POS DM can also be transferred to non-SAP systems.Thus customers can use SAP POS DM as single central system for the entry and validation of sales data and for the distribution of the data to all targets that require the sales data.

cosima Solutions specialise in the implementation and support of SAP POS DM for small and midsized businesses.

We at cosima Solutions are proven experts in SAP, having worked in the SAP world for more than 15 years and having established an excellent reputation.We have a proven track record when it comes to the specifics of SAP POS DM. With us on your team, you can expect to implement SAP POS DM faster, have all the
unique configurations of the system you need to best reach your business goals, and even have your system customized to improve upon SAP’s already excellent functionality.

Our Experience
•Experience in implementing POSDM across various retail formats like Apparel & Footwear, Sports goods manufacturer, Fashion, Department Store etc.
•Implemented SAP POS DM for retailers having stores ranging from 50 to 3000
•Implemented POS integration with SAP using POS DM involving multiple POS solutions like SAP-POS, other 3rd Party POS applications and custom POS
•POS DM implementation for large retailers across world addressing multi continent, multi country, multi language, multi currency and multi format environments

Cosima Solutions’ POS application helps retail stores to increase sales associate productivity, and optimize their daily operations.