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cosima Solutions’ is built on the cherished value system of its founders. Our values provide a strong foundation to the methodologies, tools and business delivery models that we follow and deploy to ensure complete project success. Our approach to evolving business solutions that combine process strategy, design, implementation and support services.

Passion to excel at work

We have a team of experienced IT consultants whose primary concern is to achieve project excellence and bring phenomenal value to client’s business. Predominantly, our focus is on design and development of custom solutions to businesses on SAP Retail platform. Understanding the client’s competition, market position and customer needs we develop and deploy custom Retail solutions.

Towards Thought Leadership

We adhere and uphold the principles of Agile software development, and consider it as the basis of our thought leadership. We long for no recognition for our innovative ideas and out of the box thinking, however all our efforts are directed towards evolving strategies and solutions that best serve the customer’ business to ensure greater efficiency and profitability. In the SAP Retail domain we have created milestones that inspire others to follow. Innovative thinking and going that extra mile to achieve project success is what makes us different to others.

Integrity and Transparency

No business can continue for long if not built on established principles of integrity and transparency in operations. By working closely with the client’ in-house teams, we ensure integrity and transparency in all our project development, management and support activities. Our collaborative and consistent service delivery model also promotes integrity and transparency at work.

Reinforcing our Strategic Intent

In today’s competitive world everyone business is competing with every other business, it is only a business’ adherence to innovation in practice, and collaborative business models that can help in beating competition and sustaining success. cosima Solutions’ goes a step further to uphold the four techniques of strategic intent: building layers of advantage, searching for “loose bricks,” changing the terms of engagement, and competing through collaboration. By reinforcing our strategic intent, we aim to enhance our honesty and openness in our service offerings, and make our services customer friendly and cost competitive.