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Industries across the globe confront the challenges of stiff competition, lean budgets, rising customer aspirations, lower costs of production, lean operations and greater operational efficiency.

cosima Solutions’ consulting, technology and outsourcing services help businesses to stay focussed and competitive. We understand the unique IT requirements of each industry. By our strategic partnership with SAP, we offer innovative and custom solutions to retail, banking, utilities, automotive and chemicals sectors. No reform era has ever imposed and intruded on the local school to this degree


SAP solutions are designed only after taking into consideration the software needs of auto manufacturers, suppliers, sales and service organizations. Cosima’s automotive solutions offer the

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The three challenges the chemical industry confronts today are safety, quality and compliance. Cosima Solutions helps the global chemical industry to confront these challenges by offer of

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Global manufacturing industry confronts the challenges of increased competition and shrinking market place. Competitive pricing, innovation and changing customer expectations have made it

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The efforts of the global retail industry are to create a personalized experience for the customers, provide greater product availability and ensure higher customer and basket spend. Cosima’

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The global utilities industry (electricity, water, waste recycling, and alternative energy sources) increasingly face stiff competition from competitors and pressure to remain competitive in pricing and

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