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Business Process Management

In a competitive scenario when industries across verticals confront slow revenue growth, customer churn and increased costs our business process management (BPM) services help in bringing about efficiency and effectiveness in business processes. cosima Solutions’ BPM approach focuses on customer centricity and regulatory compliance. We help the industry by creating new business models to serve customers and outsmart competition.

By way of BPM approach we help business across verticals to,

  •  Identify business challenges and find an opportunity in your organization that can show the value of BPM
  •  Accelerate your path to value with the success of an initial project
  •  Establish a formal BPM program that enables you to deliver BPM solutions repeatedly, reliably and consistently
  •  Accelerate your path to value with the success of an initial project

Our BPM efforts aim at making businesses innovative and agile.

cosima’s industry specific BPM approach:


BPM allows seamless sharing of data. All data relating to the customer can be accessed from a single and easily accessible location. BPM approach in retail helps in

•    Determining replenishment demands by retailers and sales outlets
•    Handling of claims by sales outlets and manufacturers
•    Collaborative product master data maintenance by suppliers and retailers
•    Real world scenarios from SAP customers


cosima Solutions’ helps the banking industry to leverage on the BPM approach to optimize costs and automate their business process that includes customers’ accounts, lending and payments. By availing our BPM support services, banks can

•   Streamline the end-to-end client management process
•   Help automate the routing and processing of tasks
•   Provide detailed process reporting (activities, systems and participants)


cosima Solutions’ BPM approach addresses the fast changes, regulatory, market and cost compulsions coming in the utilities market. We help the utilities industry (water, gas and electric) to redefine customer experience and transform their operating models and business processes. We bring about operational efficiency by providing smart grids, smart meters, meter-to-cash, billing transformation, outage management and fraud detection.

We help the utilities industry by

•   Automating the routing and processing of tasks
•   Reducing the human intervention
•   Helping in viewing real-time process performance

•   Ensuring proper documentation of the process
•   Revising from time to time to respond to organization or regulatory changes


cosima Solutions’ BPM approach to automotive industry aims at improving the existing business processes and building new processes and services that will differentiate the business from its competitors.

We offer a collaborative BPM platform for the automotive sector, its regions, marketing units, sales teams, distribution lines, outsource partners and for its various product lines. A robust, and user friendly BPM platform mitigates adoption challenges for rapid return on BPM investments.


The chemical industry works in a dynamic market with high demand for efficient business process. Adherence to quality, compliance and environmental standards is the key to the success of this industry. cosima Solutions’ BPM approach to chemical industry takes into consideration,

•   The time to implement change
•   Provide visibility and governance across the decision management cycle
•   Create process flows