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Business Technology

cosima Solutions’ leverages on SAP applications to keep your business abreast with the fast changes in the market, beat competition and sustain profitability. Our business technology portfolio combines management and business consulting with technology implementation and provides solutions as services. Our technologies help in delivering innovation, creating new products, reposition and protect your market share, and reduce cost of production.

Our SAP for Retail, which is a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution helps in integrating – planning, replenishment, supply-chain, logistics, warehouse management and store operations with general SAP applications that include vendor portal, customer relationship management, finance and accounting, HR, financial planning and data warehousing. We bring benefits of SAP technology to deliver meaningful and measurable value.

For a retail merchandiser the benefit was seen as alerts received when items over perform or underperform so that the merchandiser can increase / decrease an order with supplies, change the pricing, update each store’s POS technology, change layout/display at stores and track the movement of new inventory. So, the benefit drawn by the retail business is that the customers’ behaviour is understood and their product preferences recorded and followed up.