About Us

cosima Solutions was established as a SAP authorized Value Added Re-seller (VAR). We offer enterprise solutions to the small as well as midsize enterprises.

About Our Company

cosima Solutions is your end-to-end, innovative and value-driven SAP partner. We offer flexible and customized ERP solutions as per the needs of your business and challenges of the market. Our innovative and latest SAP suite of applications is based on proven technical expertise, scores of project executions, and problem-solving skills. These enable us to provide high-value solutions with an assurance on higher ROI, and far lesser turn-around times.

cosima Solutions was established as a SAP authorized Value Added Re-seller (VAR). We offer enterprise solutions to the small as well as midsize enterprises. Some of our core services include Enterprise Application Support, Information Technology and Consulting Services. We have worked with clients across different businesses / industries, that include Consumer Goods, Retail, Wholesale, Engineering and Construction, Life-sciences and Manufacturing.

With special focus on SAP S / 4HANA RETAIL, SAP CAR, SAP FMS, Omni-channel and E-commerce, the diversity and breadth of research, consulting, solutions, services, systems and software that we bring to each client engagement makes us to standout amongst providers of SAP solutions. Our full-range and innovative SAP solutions generates phenomenal value for our customers, enterprises, and supply chain partners. With our offices located in US and India, we offer high quality SAP solutions to companies based in US, UK, Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Asia & Australia.

Who We Are?

cosima Solutions is your reliable, committed and full-scale ERP Solutions partner. We help small and medium enterprises to run efficiently. We meet holistically the ever changing demands of clients for innovation in strategy, implementation and delivery.

Established in 2013, cosima Solutions Pvt. Ltd is greatly focused on providing SAP S / 4HANA RETAIL, SAP CAR, SAP FMS, Omni-channel and E-commerce solutions. Our team of SAP engineers brings more than 50+ years of collective experience to each client engagement.

Remarkably, we have won and executed some of the complex SAP projects for businesses. The challenge for us has always been the high volume businesses that demand adoption of HANA and cloud and help them to turn market-ready.

What we do?

With over a decade of experience in SAP implementations, and more than 250 client engagements across different verticals, cosima Solutions offers end-to-end, reliable and innovative SAP solutions and services.

cosima’s SAP Solutions portfolio presents,

  • Quality business solution consulting and implementation
  • Key focus on SAP industry Solutions for Retail, Consumer Goods, Wholesale, Engineering and Construction, Life-sciences and Manufacturing
  • Proven experience in SAP S / 4HANA RETAIL, SAP CAR, SAP FMS, Omni-channel and E-commerce
  • An in-depth understanding of Customer Management solutions
  • An effective Supply Chain Solutions
  • Reliable Procurement and Inventory Management solutions
  • Innovative and reliable Point of Services and Wholesale Solutions
  • The best Financial Management and Human Resource Management solutions Efficient and key Supply Chain and Operations Management solutions
  • Early and effective implementation of intelligent SAP Analytics Solutions


Fairness: Fairness is the basis of cosima Solutions’ value system. We adhere and uphold fairness while dealing with business leaders, clients, personnel, beneficiaries, and partners.

Integrity: Integrity is at the heart of all that we do. Integrity at cosima Solutions means to follow honesty, truthfulness and transparency. Actions that we deem fit are shared with the client and after receiving the approval are implemented. Working with us means to gain professional delivery, and reaching the established goals in time.

Trust & Confidence: Trust in business is what makes us to sustain good will and good relations with our clients. Professional way of doing things is integral to the organizational culture of cosima Solutions. We associate with each client not as a SAP services vendor, but as an extension to the client’s internal teams. The high level of rapport that we have with the client’s in-house teams ensures trust and builds confidence.

Professionalism: We adhere with the principles of professionalism at every stage of project management. We believe that, being professional is not only taking the project delivery to fruition, but means the cautious use of internal and external resources. Our professionalism echoes across the entire spectrum of project life-cycle, with competent SAP professionals taking the lead the design, develop and execute industry-specific projects.


Cosima Solutions’ continuous innovation creates unparalleled business success. Innovation runs through all the SAP solutions that we offer. Innovation in SAP S / 4HANA RETAIL implementation means to enable retail businesses to adapt quickly to new opportunities, challenges, and regulations. The insights are provided at the granular level, so that the retail businesses understand trends, opportunities, and risks and quickly carry out what-if analysis using predictive algorithms.

With our SAP S/4HANA solutions at a digital core, retail businesses can create a flexible and intelligent enterprise. Cosima Solutions is focused on bringing the next-generation and intelligent ERP solutions that can be extended to emerging technologies, including machine learning, block chain, and IoT. Significantly, we bring intelligent ERP solutions to each client engagement which means to go beyond automation to predictive suggestion and achieves integration of internal departments, external stakeholders, consumers and suppliers.

Global Delivery Model

Enterprises working on a global scale adopt the global delivery model. This model offers the benefits of improved service delivery, better data protection, and faster time to value and greater access to advanced technologies.

Cosima Solutions delivers a standardized, cost-efficient, secure and cloud-enabled SAP services on a truly global scale. The benefits offered by our global delivery model are phenomenal, and highly impactful for large enterprises with global operations.

  • Improved Service Delivery: We ensure that the products, services, security, policies, provisioning and service delivery levels of the global enterprise are consistent across the organization, local and global
  • Better data protection: With a strong global reach, we can offer you security and compliance tools. We work on a global scale with focus on consistent secure data management and improved compliance reporting
  • Faster time to value: Standardization means to leverage on enhanced automation and quality service delivery. We achieve quicker on-boarding and faster response to client’s concerns
  • Access to advanced technologies: Our global delivery model helps clients to take advantage of advanced technologies such as Watson, IoT, Blockchain and advanced analytics. This becomes easy for the client’s teams to focus on high-value projects
  • Centralized & Managed Team: Cosima Solutions’ global delivery model is enabled by a centralized team of SAP professionals. Our delivery process is based on a single contract that creates consistent delivery of services, regardless of the client’s location

Our Clients

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