The retail sector is concerned with selling of goods or services directly to consumers or end-users. SAP Retail is complete software that imparts robust and dynamic functionalities to the enterprise retail system. By leveraging on SAP Retail, global enterprises can achieve


Cosima Solutions leverages on SAP Retail solutions to drive business efficiency. The minute customer and business insights are analyzed, and the data is provided to retail businesses for better management of the inventory, today and tomorrow.

Cosima Solutions’ SAP S/4HANA services helps to achieve seamless centralization of the hardware and network resources. Understandably, the HANA in-memory database helps in business process simplification. By leveraging on HANA we achieve the benefits of mass data, agility, cost effectiveness, and all data type processing.

HANA serves the interests of business users and software developers. Significantly, by leveraging on HANA developers can achieve high speed computing. HANA has evolved as the focus-point of SAP that has built HANA into a multi core, massive, and parallel platform. A notable advantage with HANA is that, it can be integrated with databases like Hadoop.

By leveraging on HANA we offer businesses the needful flexibility of cloud and mobile versions. With more and more businesses showing preference for cloud based ERP over on-premise ERP, HANA offers a robust, secure and most reliable cloud platform enabled by cutting edge technologies.


If it means to stream-line Omni channel Point of Sales process there is no parallel to Cosima Solutions’ SAP Customer Activity Repository (SAP CAR) services. It is well known that, the global retail enterprises plan their business activities based on the customers’ requirements and consumers’ buying behavior.

Herein SAP CAR finds extreme usefulness, as it helps retail businesses to predict product demand across all channels. By leveraging on SAP CAR’s predictive analytics capability we help retail businesses in effective decision making. This also means to provide a personalized brand experience to the customers. The end result is enhanced customer loyalty, repeat business, continuous and increased sales.

By leveraging on the power of SAP CAR, we bring the following benefits to the global retail enterprises

By leveraging on HANA we offer businesses the needful flexibility of cloud and mobile versions. With more and more businesses showing preference for cloud based ERP over on-premise ERP, HANA offers a robust, secure and most reliable cloud platform enabled by cutting edge technologies.

  • Omni channel POS integration
  • Real-time inventory transparency for improved cross-channel planning and fulfillment
  • Unified demand forecasting and improved replenishment strategy
  • Customer insight and social intelligence for personalized brand experience and promotion
  • On-shelf Availability to Reduce Out-of-Stock Scenarios and Lost Sales
  • Sales and Merchandise Analytics

Understandably, the SAP Fashion Management Solution (SAP FMS) is the new generation solution for AFS Customers. Cosima Solutions’ SAP FMS helps retailers to manage the whole chain from manufacturing the goods to selling the products in the Retail store.

By leveraging on SAP FMS, an integrated solution, we bring the benefits of both SAP AFS and SAP Retail to all our retail clients. Powered by HANA, this SAP module offers vertically integrated fashion solutions. It incorporates manufacturing, wholesale and retail processes on one system.

Cosima Solutions offer of end-to-end SAP FMS focuses on,

  • Master data: Presents a unified view of articles, customers, vendors, seasons, collections and sites
  • Merchandizing: Caters to centralized management of listings, pricing, promotions and inventory.
  • Sales: Integrates direct-channel orders, deliveries and point-of-sale systems
  • Multichannel Planning: Enhances seasonal forecasting, together with offering multi-channel allocation and store replenishment
  • Manufacturing: Helps to manage manufacturing planning, production and supply chain
  • Flexible data processing: Empowers companies to handle end-to-end flow of material across all relevant procurement applications with precision
  • Segmentation: Allows ease of categorizing materials on the indices of physical and logical characteristics

Cosima Solutions offers reliable and value-driven support on all SAP FMS implementation and migration. Retail clients can leverage on SAP FMS to manage their business processes across one large data-system landscape. This also helps to manage effectively the power of in memory computing to analyze large data volumes. The end result improved efficiency, faster time to market and augmented inventory control.

Omni channel

SAP Omni channel helps retail business to connect with their customers where they shop – store, on the go, or through your Web store. This helps businesses to deliver personalized and consistent promotions with a single common view of your customer.

Cosima Solutions leverages on SAP Omni-channel retail strategy to offer a fully-integrated shopping experience. The user experiences from brick-and-mortar to mobile-browsing are covered. Understandably, retail businesses engage their customers in different ways.

Cosima Solutions’ Omni channel approach will enable the consumers to use their smart phones in a physical store to better their customer journey. SAP Omni-channel brings retail businesses closer to the customers as never before. By shopping from desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a bricks and mortar store, the customer/user experiences a dynamic and seamless interface, and rich experience.


SAP Commerce Cloud (originally called SAP Hybris) is a cloud-native Omni channel commerce solution for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies. SAP Commerce Cloud solutions offer a seamless experience starting with search, and ending with sales.

It features

  • Intuitive, and self-service capabilities
  • AI-powered merchandising
  • Guided selling, and assisted service
  • Chat bots to further the buying process
  • More profit and lower cost of ownership

Cosima Solutions leverages on SAP Commerce Cloud to achieve strong personalization. Our context driven services help us in doing it. We help our B2B, B2C and B2B2C clients to extend their business with interactions through progressive Web apps, chat bots and messengers, or smart machines and devices.

Sans any back-end constraints, you have the flexibility to experiment with different touch points and screens. This means to accelerate innovation with technology. Also, all the creative partners work in parallel on an openly accessible platform. Our focus is on creating new digital experiences that increase customer engagement and conversions.