Cosima Solutions is an equal opportunity company. We consider each job as a milestone in each individual professional’s career. Towards this end, we work and direct our career building efforts. We aim to realize the essence of career needs of each professional. Our career planning takes into consideration your education, experience, and jobs as one field or career cluster.

Cosima's Difference

If your intention is to earn a paycheck, Cosima Solutions is not the place to be. Only if you are looking at a career path that brings your job, experience, and training on one plane, you can sure join us as our team member. Cosima Solutions’ career difference is seen as,

  • Career is considered as a long-term goal
  • Allocation of work as per your experience and job interests
  • Assurance on greater opportunities based on your job performance and productivity
  • Opportunity to learn new skills by availing our in-house short-term training programs
  • Equal opportunity to scale-up the hierarchy, based on your annual performance appraisal
  • Achieve for each professional a greater work-life balance
  • Develop professional values and work with a sense of purpose


We have the following requirements. Based on the client’s requirements, you may have to go on-site or work offshore. Cosima Solutions’ rules of service and employment conditions apply.


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S4T - WM to EWM Migrator

Cosima Solutions rises to the challenges associated with the discontinuation of WM by SAP. We offer capable, competent and value-driven migration to EWM. Significantly, we leverage on a tool that largely automates the migration to EWM. The process is gradual, simple and clear.

What we can do…

  • Takeover and adaptation of the warehouse structure
  • Adoption of the material master as a product master
  • Transfer of process structures
  • Pre-configuration options for migration
  • Fully automatic migration of transaction data
  • Check for data consistency
  • Test runs possible

The advantages that we bring to each client engagement are,

  • Execution of the migration before the actual S / 4HANA conversion is possible as a preliminary project
  • Migration and the pre-configuration with complete transparency
  • Bundled migration in one process, security of correct implementation
  • Automatic adaptation to EWM structures – options for selecting different variants
  • Proximity to the SAP standard
  • Direct access to WM master data

S4T – Analyzer

Cosima Solutions leverages on S4T Analyzer to identify all the need for adaptation of a SAP R / 3 systems during an S / 4HANA transformation. This also helps us to automate and monitor / track processing.

We specialize in all the 6 modules of S4T Analyzer.

  • Analyze of how much a SAP R / 3 systems deviate from the SAP standard. Identify the specific need for adjustment with regard to a changeover to S / 4HANA
  • Check for compatibility with S / 4HANA Identify all the key figures and data that are relevant for an S / 4 transformation viz quantity structures, usage statistics and process flows
  • Checks and take into account all interfaces for adjustment requirements, taking IDocs, RFC connections and web services
  • Provide an analysis of all the customer-specific developments that include Z reports and namespaces, Z function modules, Z includes, etc
  • Checks all the forms in an R / 3 system for complexity


  • Provide for all the key figures for estimating the effort of an S / 4HANA transformation
  • Adjust and check all elements at a glance
  • Use only what is needful, based on a modular approach
  • Assign tasks to team members and tracked
  • Automatic comparison with the latest simplification list